Tree Growing from His Ear!, DSC Gallery, Prague (2012)

This exhibition was the first time when Jakub Matuška presented his work at dvorak sec contemporary (today’s DSC Gallery).

“Through his canvases Masker expresses a flexible, flowing and evaporating biomorphic world; he not only creates spaces within spaces, but also happenings developing into other happenings. Masker’s approach is long term characterized by long stretches of fullness within the frame, dramatized by alternating different perspectives. Masker is attracted to a variety of environmental intrusions, overlaps into other areas, causing reflections on what might be around the corner; however which is already hidden from sight. Masker transmits ordinary stories into extraordinary worlds in which the tragic is intertwined with the comic, tender with cruel, happy with painful, the civil with mythical,” says on of the well-known Czech curators, Karel Srp.

– Karel Srp